Under this menu you’ll find the Hall of Idiots, a Sudoku game, an app to create your own church sign marquees, a collection of atheist posters, atheist cartoons, cool visual illusions and a link to EvolveFish (an online store selling atheist stuff).

Since you’re already here, you can also click one of the links, below.


Hall of Idiots – A collection of infamous quotes from religious, conservative, wingnuts.

Play Sudoku – Freethinkers are smart. We need mental distractions sometimes.

Church Sign Marquees – Copy some of mine (featuring quotes from my Quotes page) or create your own!

Posters – A collection of Atheist posters.

Cartoons – A collection of Atheist cartoons and links to famous cartoon sites.

Illusions – A collection of visual (and other kinds of) illusions.

Buy cool atheist stuff – A lot of cool stuff from (not affiliated with You’re an atheist and you’re proud of it. Show the world you know who you are.


Choose to think.

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